Like Me

I never wanted her to be like me

Think like me

Tear herself to shreds like me

We weren’t meant to share this cruel destiny

She was supposed to be smart like me

Sharp like me

With out the hate I have for myself

She was supposed to feel the love

Like someone else

But now I see

What I missed

The thoughts so hidden

A terrible twist

She’s like me

My greatest fear

She hides it so deep 

For no one to see
Just like me

Little Sister

Mom asked about you

But like her

I have no clue

What you do

Or where you are

You could be living

Out of a car

But you aren’t

I’m sure you aren’t

I’m afraid one day 

I’ll wake up

And hear bad news

It’s the police

And they found you

They found your body

Worse for wear

The thick mats

In your unwashed hair

Your bruised body

Left beaten up 

Lifeless eyes

Staring blankly up

It was a deal

Gone so bad

Throwing away

The one life you could have had

Party Girl

Party girl

She can’t see

How much 

She worries me

Late at night 

I can’t sleep

Wonder if

She still breathes

Party girl

She wont see

She’s killing herself

She kills me

Party girl 

She has the world

In her head 

In her own world

Nothing left 

For her to hold

This is what’s

Been warned

What she’s been told

She’ll put up

Another fight

Just another day

For another night

Party girl

You’ll end up dead

I can see it now

Like a story I’ve read


She’ll share the same fucked up fate

This life of self hate

You’ll just see the smile; it’s fake

The one I use every damn day

But never a “what’s wrong”

I’ve worn it for far to long

I’m still going on strong.

She looks up to me you say

See me in her every day

But that is what I don’t want

She should find her own way

Away from your taunts

Never to know self hate

Far away from this fate

If I could have just one thing

She would be nothing like me.