February Fourteenth

I see things where

They shouldn’t be

My mind twists

A broken reality

You say one thing

But I hear three

Because I know

Nothing is as it seems

I’m broken, bent

Far out of shape

I don’t trust

It’s not my way

I get by

Day by day

Ignore the future

It never stays

The same from one

Moment to the next

The Future might as well

Be the past

Just another thing

It will never last

Heart Games

Give it our all

Try it again

Time and time

Over and over again

It’s no game

And yet we play

Bet our hearts

To find our fate

At some point

We all break

Yet we play it

Like a game

There’s no win

It never ends

The only Reprieve

Waits at death

Ghosts and Demons

Ghosts and Demons

Exist in the night

Our biggest fears

Their greatest delights

You can’t see them

But they sure do see you

If only you knew

The things they could do

Ghosts and Demons

Fly through the air

If only you knew

They’re everywhere

In the night

But don’t wait for dawn

For in the morning

They wont be gone

Ghosts and Demons

Are here and there

But don’t forget the others

They’re everywhere

Forget you

I’m gonna forget you

Forget your name

Just another face

In the back of my brain


Won’t crave your touch

It was all too much

Heat of the moment

Excitement and lust


Forget you

You’ll never call

Not like we ever had

Anything at all

Forget you forgetting me

I was just another

Of your victories

Booze and Toothpaste

Booze and toothpaste

The strong scent of cologne

I wander in closer

You ask if I’m alone.

I lie; say ‘no dear

My friends they all are here’

you look around the room

Say ‘no one’s that pretty here’.

Booze and toothpaste

The strong scent of cologne

You push back my long hair

Say you could take me home.

You buy me one drink

Then a couple more

Say I’m exactly what

You are looking for.

Booze and toothpaste

The strong scent of cologne

They all overcome me

And now we’re all alone.

Booze and toothpaste

The strong scent of cologne

These things remind me

Of why I should stay home.