Soul on Fire

The little girl

With a soul so sweet

Never did any wrong 

That you could see

Your little girl

With her soul on fire

Pull up her sleeve 

And call her a liar

You can’t see the sadness 

She hides deep inside

Like she can’t see her light

Or how it shines

The little girl

With a soul so sweet

Never did any wrong

To anybody

Else, besides herself

Pull up her sleeve

And see

How the good do bleed


You say you can’t

Handle this

Can’t handle me

Because one day

You’ll have to leave

You can’t get attached

For fear of getting stuck

You’re so glad 

We’ve never fucked

You won’t hold my hand

But you’ll kiss me in the dark

Cuddle up until

You’ve got a grip on my heart

I know you say 

You’ll have to leave one day

But what about me

I know you can’t

Get attached

Because of feelings

You might have

Should I sit here

While you make up you mind

Deciding if being with me

Would be fine

Let you waste 

All of my time

I guess that’s fine

You say you want this 

But you don’t know

So maybe it should be me

Who decides if you go

Puzzle Book

I could write a novel of my life

The story so sad and quite contrite

the puzzle pieces broken

They no long fit

So many questions

I’ve had enough of it

All the secrets

All the lies

Try to feed me your “Truth”

One last time

It’s okay, I don’t believe

Save your story

It won’t work on me

Two Years

Two years ago

To the day

You had my heart

But you had your way

With that girl

Who was ‘just a friend’

The one about my worries

You said should end

She was the first

But not the last

I know of all

Them that you had

Two years ago

And now I do find

It’s her again

She’s back at your side

Late night messages to soothe your own heart

Oh how you wish to go back to the start

I left, I went so far away

Still your choices haunt my everyday

You follow me like a dark plague

Wish you’d move on, leave me alone

So I don’t have to fear the sound of my phone

I hope this is what you wanted
Now this is all you’ve got
A broken girl who hates herself
The images don’t stop
They run through her head
Like a broken record plays
There are enough of them
To last the girl for days
Her restless mind won’t let her sleep
Its a miracle she even eats
But this is what you get
All the lies she can’t forget
Like a song that just won’t quit
Its in her head every little bit
And its there to stay
To remind her each and every day
How she just isn’t enough
How this ‘love’ shit is tough
It’ll happen again
Like the ink falls from pen
A story that’s been told
A poem waiting to unfold
The creases of the paper say
How she’s just another girl
It’s just another day