Waste My Time. 

I’m always meant to wait

While someone else

Decides my fate

I’m always told to stay

Maybe they’ll want me someday

And maybe they won’t

They’ll walk away unscathed 

Leaving my heart broke

And I’m sure I’ll apologize 

For wasting all their time
But what about mine?


You say you can’t

Handle this

Can’t handle me

Because one day

You’ll have to leave

You can’t get attached

For fear of getting stuck

You’re so glad 

We’ve never fucked

You won’t hold my hand

But you’ll kiss me in the dark

Cuddle up until

You’ve got a grip on my heart

I know you say 

You’ll have to leave one day

But what about me

I know you can’t

Get attached

Because of feelings

You might have

Should I sit here

While you make up you mind

Deciding if being with me

Would be fine

Let you waste 

All of my time

I guess that’s fine

You say you want this 

But you don’t know

So maybe it should be me

Who decides if you go

I wanted to stay. 

I’ll try to be strong

But this happened far too long

I’ll try to breathe

But I can no longer see

A hand cut 

On the bottle you broke

Cleaning up messes 

is all I even know 

I wanted you more

Than you ever did

I wanted to stay

But you’d have none of it 

You told me to go

That’s all I know

So now I’m gone

Like you wanted 

All along 


You say you can’t be 

With me

A loner

You’re meant to be alone

So why would you go

And invite me

Into your home

Night after night we shared

Why was it then 

You didn’t care

For three months you spent 

Your days with me

Still you said we couldn’t be

A loner

You’re meant to be alone

So you do you 

And I’ll do me

We can both be alone

In our separate misery

All you want

Is to want to be alone

All I need 

Is someone to hold 

I don’t need a title 

Or for you to say you’re mine

You don’t like the idea

Of being anything at all

But I can see it in your eyes

See it when you ask if

I’d like to stay the night

So you do you 

And I’ll do me

And I’ll hope to god 

We won’t be alone

In our separate misery