You say you can’t

Handle this

Can’t handle me

Because one day

You’ll have to leave

You can’t get attached

For fear of getting stuck

You’re so glad 

We’ve never fucked

You won’t hold my hand

But you’ll kiss me in the dark

Cuddle up until

You’ve got a grip on my heart

I know you say 

You’ll have to leave one day

But what about me

I know you can’t

Get attached

Because of feelings

You might have

Should I sit here

While you make up you mind

Deciding if being with me

Would be fine

Let you waste 

All of my time

I guess that’s fine

You say you want this 

But you don’t know

So maybe it should be me

Who decides if you go


You say you can’t be 

With me

A loner

You’re meant to be alone

So why would you go

And invite me

Into your home

Night after night we shared

Why was it then 

You didn’t care

For three months you spent 

Your days with me

Still you said we couldn’t be

A loner

You’re meant to be alone

So you do you 

And I’ll do me

We can both be alone

In our separate misery

All you want

Is to want to be alone

All I need 

Is someone to hold 

I don’t need a title 

Or for you to say you’re mine

You don’t like the idea

Of being anything at all

But I can see it in your eyes

See it when you ask if

I’d like to stay the night

So you do you 

And I’ll do me

And I’ll hope to god 

We won’t be alone

In our separate misery


Looking to the future

Wont help your past

You have one life

So make it last

All the little things

Wont matter in the grave

Can’t take cash

Or gold anyway

You have one life

To make your legacy

Make something matter

In Perpetuity

Never Know

I know who you are

I know what that means

I know you don’t know

A single thing

It breaks my heart

Makes me Bleed

A lie kept for

The ‘good’ of things

I found you there

In plain sight

But you don’t know

Can’t ruin your life

It feels like I’m losing

This god damn fight

But I can’t say

Can’t reach out

Keep it all pent up

Inside myself

I know who you are

I know what that mean

I know I’ll never know you

You’ll never know me

The Tyrant Inside

How wrong it is

How wrong it should be

That I have this insistent need

To change all that comes

So very naturally to me

It scares me more than anything

That’s not who I want to be

Anything that’s like you

Every sign, every need

Every look in the mirror

It’s not me that I see

It’s you

Trapped inside

Trying to get out

I push you down

For no one to find

But I know it’s there

I feel it all the time

Like a vicious tyrant

It controls everything

It takes control of me


I try not to write and seem so sad

Always focused on the bad

I guess that’s all I’ve ever had

All the good I can’t see

What the hell is wrong with me

Losing focus; lose my mind

Happiness I cannot find

The good it fades far too fast

It’s the negative that seems to last

Heart Games

Give it our all

Try it again

Time and time

Over and over again

It’s no game

And yet we play

Bet our hearts

To find our fate

At some point

We all break

Yet we play it

Like a game

There’s no win

It never ends

The only Reprieve

Waits at death

Two Years

Two years ago

To the day

You had my heart

But you had your way

With that girl

Who was ‘just a friend’

The one about my worries

You said should end

She was the first

But not the last

I know of all

Them that you had

Two years ago

And now I do find

It’s her again

She’s back at your side

Late night messages to soothe your own heart

Oh how you wish to go back to the start

I left, I went so far away

Still your choices haunt my everyday

You follow me like a dark plague

Wish you’d move on, leave me alone

So I don’t have to fear the sound of my phone

This Song

Your song plays still

In my heart

It’s all that

Keeps me together

Since you tore me apart

The words continue

An endless loop

They haunt we while

You live on

How I wish

I could kill this song

The day you went

And left me here

That day you broke me

In the very worst sort of way

All that’s left

Is this song

Stuck so far in my head

I can’t sing along

Your haunting melody

Leaves me unglued

So I will forget it

As I’m forgetting you

There’s a time for Pain

And a time to part

Now I need to clear my heart

You’re nothing but a memory

A song that no longer plays for me

You were here

You were real

Now it’s time for me to heal

You broke me down

But I’m fine

And I hope you will be

In due time


Just another girl

Waiting for the day

That her knight will come

Take her breath away

But life is not a fairy tale

Don’t you dare forget

If you do believe

I’ll tell you what you’ll get

A broken heart

A mind that bleeds

Sadness so deep

You cannot see

Life is not a fairy tale

Your knight will not come

Best to take what you’ve got

And if they say love