Beautiful Soul

She’s got a beautiful soul 

And a broken brain

She’ll drink a bottle

To ease the pain

To blind herself 

From a world of shit

So she can’t see 

How she doesn’t fit

A sensitive heart

So easily broke

Any sadness does

Kill her hope

So tonight she’ll be

Out again

Holding on by her last thread

With a beautiful soul

And a broken brain

An ugly world she can’t face

All she wants 

Is to see the best

A kindness unlike

All the rest

To nice to say

Things that should be said

All the ways she could hurt

Let them drag her through the dirt

All the pain no compromise 

For their gain 

She would die

With no idea of self worth 

All she acquires is hurt

She’ll let them use her

Abuse her

Even if they won’t choose her

Her kindness is so naive

Gives herself no space to breath

So tonight she’ll be out again

Holding on by her last thread

A beautiful soul

A broken brain

An ugly world 

She can’t face