Why am I so down

Why am I so blue

Why can’t I enjoy

The things I used to do

My words fall short 

Of what I feel

Don’t know how

To express what’s real

I hold the negative

With a fierce grip

Attatched with pain

As if at the hip

Why am I so down 

Why am I so blue

Why can’t I 

Get through to you



I’m sorry that

you feel this way

So sorry that

You feel this pain

A friendship lost

To love too great

A bitter end

Unwanted fate

You’re in pain

But I can’t feel

Tell me dear

Is this real?

You run 

You hide

You’re off again

It makes me think

It’s all pretend

Drunken words

Spoke too soon

Now I don’t know 

What to do

Like Me

I never wanted her to be like me

Think like me

Tear herself to shreds like me

We weren’t meant to share this cruel destiny

She was supposed to be smart like me

Sharp like me

With out the hate I have for myself

She was supposed to feel the love

Like someone else

But now I see

What I missed

The thoughts so hidden

A terrible twist

She’s like me

My greatest fear

She hides it so deep 

For no one to see
Just like me


I put up a wall

It touches the sky

All those who climb it

I swear will die

I built it up

Before I knew

Now it’s so high

There’s no getting through

I laid down the foundation

Brick by brick

Mixed up the mortar

So I know it’ll stick

I put in no door

Or windows to see

Added no drain

So I can drown 

In my own misery

I put in a stair way

That goes no where

Now all that I do

Is climb up those stairs

I look up high

The light a pin point

In the sky

I climb and I climb

But there’s nothing to find

Little Sister

Mom asked about you

But like her

I have no clue

What you do

Or where you are

You could be living

Out of a car

But you aren’t

I’m sure you aren’t

I’m afraid one day 

I’ll wake up

And hear bad news

It’s the police

And they found you

They found your body

Worse for wear

The thick mats

In your unwashed hair

Your bruised body

Left beaten up 

Lifeless eyes

Staring blankly up

It was a deal

Gone so bad

Throwing away

The one life you could have had

Stranger I Knew

We treat each other like strangers

A casual hi, hey, hello

Act like we have no idea

About the intimacies we know

I know that I wonder 

The things that you thought

Wonder if you think about me

Still or if not

Not that it matters

It won’t change you or me

Will never make us the we

That neither of us could be

All The Broken Pieces

Finding someone to hide the pain in is easy. 

You go to them with a broken heart, they hold the pieces together, until you almost feel whole. 

Then they’re gone. And you’re left with not only a broken heart but now a few pieces are gone. Missing. Taken by the very person you thought was helping you put it back together. 

On My Own. 

I sleep better on my own

And I don’t need you

Always blowing up my phone

I do my best by myself

Never needed anyone else

You’re just like them

Hold me down 

Keep me for yourself 

Act like all I need 

Is your help

Well darling I do it fine

Alone is something 

I never did mind

The Broken

Why do I like the broken

I’d try to fix the dead

Why torture myself 

Deep with in my head 

Why do I attract the broken

Like glue they stick to me

All of their problems

Are nothing that I need