Too close

You got too close

For the comfort of your own

I saw the moment 

You started to go

Pulled away too fast

The first moment you had

You were gone

Like I knew you would

For so long

I didn’t say 

The things I want

And now that thought 

How it haunts 

If I said how I feel

Would you still be here

Would you have thought 

It could be real

Sorrow of a Song

Trying to keep it alive

When you can feel it die

Looking in their eyes

And knowing it’s goodbye

The end of the road

A story at its close

The sorrow of a song

You’ve been avoiding all along 

One you’ve known so well

Because it’s only yours to tell

The words that you wrote

A single song sung note

You crafted it your way

So none of them could stay

Solitary Sport

I found someone whose heart

Holds as much despair as mine

We met at the bottom

Of a bottle of wine

We could drink it all

But drown anyway

Because drinking the sea

Wouldn’t ease the pain

We could stay together

But together we won’t be

It’s a solitary sport

This degree of misery

So while we’re both alone

I’ll be missing you

You missing me

Thinking of the nights we shared

Vague memories

I’ll think back 

And wonder

How it got this way

Think back, wonder

If I could have made you stay