Carry On

When you can’t take the pain
Of an aching heart once again

You can count on me

When the world falls away

And all you see is dark decay

I’ll be the fire on the match

To bring all the beauty back

At the end of the day 

When the world fades away 

You want it all back

But the future’s not the past

We have to carry on

For those who aren’t as strong

You have it deep inside

Under fear it does hide

The courage to live your life

In strides after the fight

We will carry on

I’ll make sure you are strong

I’ll always let you know

Just how far you’ll go

His Girl

There was no
“Please don’t go”

“I need you to stay”

“I know we can find a way”

It was never me

It never is

Because you know that girl?

That one’s his

She’s the one in his heart

The one that’s tearing me apart

It’s what I knew

What was said

Still I ended

In his bed

A late night call

“No I’m alone”

That’s what was said

On the phone

To me he said they were done

But in his thoughts

She still runs

Now I know the truth at last

There is no stay

No find a way

I’m just another girl

It’s just another day