So long ago

A cruel word
Empty space
Hard times
A cold embrace
A face you knew
A name so well
That chest you watched
It rose it fell
So long ago
A different time
a path you walked
And changed your mind
That place you sat
And closed your eyes
Tried to see
A different life


Everyone has that perfect dream

The way they wish life could be

The things they’d change…

Nothing would be the same

It’s such a shame to live that way

To change the present, future, past

To take back all the memories you have

You might not be perfect

Nobody is

That’s what make it

So worth it to live

So fill the empty

Heal the skin

Maybe even let them in

Fill the empty

Heal the skin

And don’t you ever

Cut it again

There’s no shame

No reason to hide

Can’t you see?

This is your only life

So live the life you want

and heal the things that haunt

At the end of the day

Through all the shit that’s thrown your way

I hope you stay


Looking to the future

Wont help your past

You have one life

So make it last

All the little things

Wont matter in the grave

Can’t take cash

Or gold anyway

You have one life

To make your legacy

Make something matter

In Perpetuity


I’m not afraid of the monsters
Under the bed
Simply because they are nothing
Compared to what’s in my head
Burning, scratching, dragging me down
Killing them would be killing myself
Inseparable, the line too thin
I don’t know where they end and I begin