Never Know

I know who you are

I know what that means

I know you don’t know

A single thing

It breaks my heart

Makes me Bleed

A lie kept for

The ‘good’ of things

I found you there

In plain sight

But you don’t know

Can’t ruin your life

It feels like I’m losing

This god damn fight

But I can’t say

Can’t reach out

Keep it all pent up

Inside myself

I know who you are

I know what that mean

I know I’ll never know you

You’ll never know me

Invisible Noose

Anxiety is killing me

Makes it so I can’t breathe

An invisible noose

Pulled so tight

There’s no use

To try and fight

It grips my heart

An invisible hand

Makes it feel like

My head’s full of sand

It makes no sense

Two plus two’s

A million and nine

Making me loose

All track of time

Fluttering thoughts

Fill my mind

What if

How come

and Why




It’s getting hard to breath, hard to see

Hard to know what I need

Suffocating, Drowning deep

Falling farther into the sea

Monsters grabbing, pulling- Reach

It’s your hand I see

But the water overtakes me

And now these things they break me

Your words they could not shake me

Because you did forsake me

As the scene fades

Just another day

Just another girl

Who’s lost her way

Lost in the crowd

Getting harder to tell

Who is this me

She’s not who

I thought I’d be

But someone else

So plain to see

I am so lost to me

The Tyrant Inside

How wrong it is

How wrong it should be

That I have this insistent need

To change all that comes

So very naturally to me

It scares me more than anything

That’s not who I want to be

Anything that’s like you

Every sign, every need

Every look in the mirror

It’s not me that I see

It’s you

Trapped inside

Trying to get out

I push you down

For no one to find

But I know it’s there

I feel it all the time

Like a vicious tyrant

It controls everything

It takes control of me

Loaded Gun

I fear commitment

Like the loaded gun

I have myself

Never needed anyone

Alone here by myself

That’s how I know

It’s what I do

Now I’m finding myself

Needing you

It’s not what I want

Not what I need

So why do I think of you

Every time I breathe

At the end of the day

You’re on my mind

Hell, you’re on it all the time

I don’t need

But I want


It’s just you