This is going down
the very same path
Once you go down
There’s no going back
See the end
Before it begins
With this
There is no win
It’s a heart break
So easy to see
Like it was never
Really meant to be

Puzzle Book

I could write a novel of my life

The story so sad and quite contrite

the puzzle pieces broken

They no long fit

So many questions

I’ve had enough of it

All the secrets

All the lies

Try to feed me your “Truth”

One last time

It’s okay, I don’t believe

Save your story

It won’t work on me


Sweet words from a bitter tongue

I can see through your front

The things you say fool no one

Act so high yet we see

You think you’re better than me?

You’re insolent



And mean

Do you understand what half of those mean?

I’m not saying I’d see you fall

Just your self worth figured out

Confidence is one thing to have

But you’re filled with tenacity

To the point it sickens me

You’re always right, can’t be wrong

Even when your mistaken

You can’t admit

You’re blinded by your stubbornness