Glued to the Ground

How many nights did I cry

How many times I wished

Just one of us would die

Never told to go to my room

I was already there

Hiding at the top

Of those old creaking stairs

Insufferable you were

But so was I

Sitting in that room

Losing my fucking mind

Hours without end

Seeing reality bend

No way out

There never was

Even if I left

My mind was stuck

Glued to the ground

Those memories haunt me now

Like a scene I can’t forget

How they make me sick

Can’t forget, can’t move on

But you can’t hurt me

Now I’m gone

A cruel world

And bitter cold house

I forget my childhood

I pushed it all out

Out of my mind

I lost all of that time

But don’t you forget

That’s all on you

I guess in the end

We all lose