The Other Side of Things

What if you fall out of love

Or decide it wasn’t enough

That could be the end of me

The end of everything

I’m okay alone

I finally see

Now you’re changing everything

I don’t want to try

But I will for you

I’d do anything you asked me to

So maybe I will

Because I’m falling

Farther down

I’m farther now

Than I ever wanted to be

Farther down

Losing ground

But I’ll be fine

As long as at the bottom

It’s your arms I find

Glued to the Ground

How many nights did I cry

How many times I wished

Just one of us would die

Never told to go to my room

I was already there

Hiding at the top

Of those old creaking stairs

Insufferable you were

But so was I

Sitting in that room

Losing my fucking mind

Hours without end

Seeing reality bend

No way out

There never was

Even if I left

My mind was stuck

Glued to the ground

Those memories haunt me now

Like a scene I can’t forget

How they make me sick

Can’t forget, can’t move on

But you can’t hurt me

Now I’m gone

A cruel world

And bitter cold house

I forget my childhood

I pushed it all out

Out of my mind

I lost all of that time

But don’t you forget

That’s all on you

I guess in the end

We all lose


I try not to write and seem so sad

Always focused on the bad

I guess that’s all I’ve ever had

All the good I can’t see

What the hell is wrong with me

Losing focus; lose my mind

Happiness I cannot find

The good it fades far too fast

It’s the negative that seems to last

Heart Games

Give it our all

Try it again

Time and time

Over and over again

It’s no game

And yet we play

Bet our hearts

To find our fate

At some point

We all break

Yet we play it

Like a game

There’s no win

It never ends

The only Reprieve

Waits at death