The remnants

A yellowed bruise

you’d think it’d be

Her choice to choose

Scared to say

She can’t tell

Maybe this time

She simply fell

Another night

Another day

She’ll try to wish

It all away

To have a life

She’d want to live

That is her one

And only wish

Two Years

Two years ago

To the day

You had my heart

But you had your way

With that girl

Who was ‘just a friend’

The one about my worries

You said should end

She was the first

But not the last

I know of all

Them that you had

Two years ago

And now I do find

It’s her again

She’s back at your side

Late night messages to soothe your own heart

Oh how you wish to go back to the start

I left, I went so far away

Still your choices haunt my everyday

You follow me like a dark plague

Wish you’d move on, leave me alone

So I don’t have to fear the sound of my phone