Ghosts and Demons

Ghosts and Demons

Exist in the night

Our biggest fears

Their greatest delights

You can’t see them

But they sure do see you

If only you knew

The things they could do

Ghosts and Demons

Fly through the air

If only you knew

They’re everywhere

In the night

But don’t wait for dawn

For in the morning

They wont be gone

Ghosts and Demons

Are here and there

But don’t forget the others

They’re everywhere

We fear death

But run it’s race

All out bad choices

All the bad mistakes

They push us farther

into our fall from grace

Now were laughing

In gods face

Are we really the disgrace

Have you seen your side

Of the human race?

Mindless drones

Spending thoughtless hours

To do it all again

In sixteen hours

You’ll have a life

And you’ll die

Now tell me did you live

In your time

This Song

Your song plays still

In my heart

It’s all that

Keeps me together

Since you tore me apart

The words continue

An endless loop

They haunt we while

You live on

How I wish

I could kill this song

The day you went

And left me here

That day you broke me

In the very worst sort of way

All that’s left

Is this song

Stuck so far in my head

I can’t sing along

Your haunting melody

Leaves me unglued

So I will forget it

As I’m forgetting you

There’s a time for Pain

And a time to part

Now I need to clear my heart

You’re nothing but a memory

A song that no longer plays for me

You were here

You were real

Now it’s time for me to heal

You broke me down

But I’m fine

And I hope you will be

In due time