Just another girl

Waiting for the day

That her knight will come

Take her breath away

But life is not a fairy tale

Don’t you dare forget

If you do believe

I’ll tell you what you’ll get

A broken heart

A mind that bleeds

Sadness so deep

You cannot see

Life is not a fairy tale

Your knight will not come

Best to take what you’ve got

And if they say love



There are no fairytales
In this twisted life
All we can hope for is
To keep away the strife
Without a beginning
There can be no end
So let’s just hide here
In our play pretend

Bad things can’t happen
If you close your eyes
So just listen to my voice
Feel the sweet sun rise
I’ll keep away the monsters
If you’ll hold my hand
You can fight away my demons
I’ll be whole again
There are no fairytales
In this messed up world
But that doesn’t mean
I cannot be your girl