Forget you

I’m gonna forget you

Forget your name

Just another face

In the back of my brain


Won’t crave your touch

It was all too much

Heat of the moment

Excitement and lust


Forget you

You’ll never call

Not like we ever had

Anything at all

Forget you forgetting me

I was just another

Of your victories

Party Girl

Party girl

She can’t see

How much 

She worries me

Late at night 

I can’t sleep

Wonder if

She still breathes

Party girl

She wont see

She’s killing herself

She kills me

Party girl 

She has the world

In her head 

In her own world

Nothing left 

For her to hold

This is what’s

Been warned

What she’s been told

She’ll put up

Another fight

Just another day

For another night

Party girl

You’ll end up dead

I can see it now

Like a story I’ve read


Drink my problems

Let them go

Just for tonight

Tomorrow they’ll grow

Live for the day

The future’s too far

Live for myself

People are too hard

Drink my problems

Watch them grow

 let no one in

Don’t let them know

How I feel 

The pain; it’s real


This story has two sides

So, shut up, this one’s mine

If I tell it my way

It’s you who’s too blame

You feel that burn?

It’s called shame

Something you should feel

Every damn day


Play with my heart 

I’ll tear you apart

Mess with my head

You’re better off dead

My threats are not empty

My words will be heard

The next time you see me

It won’t be me hurt


This is my side

Of the story we tell

This is my part 

Of out living hell

This is the end

A final farewell

This is it

So go to hell