You don’t like my clothes

Or the way I do my hair

You don’t like the skulls

I wear everywhere

You don’t get me

So why did I fall

Into this trap

Your charm

I think that’s all

You don’t like the black

I wear around my eyes

Still you want yourself

Pressed between my thighs

I’m just so different

Even you can see

I’m not like other girls

And they have nothing on me

You don’t get my darkness

But you can’t handle it

Just accept the facts:

I’m the best you’ll ever get



I’ll try to kill the lonely
Won’t you stay with me?
I can tell it’s what we both need
I don’t need you
And you don’t need me
We just need something
The touch of skin
Graze of lips
Warm embrace
Won’t you ask me to stay?
I can see the lonely
Hidden in your smile
Like it hides in my eyes
I try to keep it inside
But tonight it wont hide
You don’t need me
But I might need you
I just need something


I may not be perfect
But neither are they
So why am I ignored
Day after day
Should I act out
Do crazy things
Would that get you
To notice me
Do tell me this:
Oh, what did I do
For I do not know
What made you choose

The way I act
Or the words I say
Am I not still your little girl
At the end of the day?
The start of the night
I’ll know where I stand
Alone it is because
Alone I am


I don’t know what I’m doing

I’m not sure what to be

Stuck between the ‘me’ I like

And the one everyone else can see


I don’t know where my head is

Floating in the clouds

I’m not sure that I want

Anyone to help me down


I don’t know where I’m going

Please don’t ask me why

I won’t let this life

Keep on passing me by


I don’t know how this darkness came

But I know it’s here to stay

Follows me like a shadow now

Please don’t let it ruin your day


I don’t want to hurt you

But this is me

Am I not the daughter 

you had raised me to be?


Are you disappointed 

When you look at me

Is all you see

Some little broken thing?


I could tell you one thing

Oh, I could tell you lots

But I’ll hide this damage

Deep with in my thoughts


I don’t know where I’m going

But I’ll get there fine

I can accomplish anything

I set to my mind


I am not some broken thing

I’m not in bits

I will show you one day

How I can manage it


I don’t need your help

I don’t need your time

In case you haven’t noticed

I am doing fine