Make up your mind.

You push and I’ll go

Just point so I’ll know

My eyes will stay even

My hands they won’t shake

Just push so I know

You can’t stay, I’ll go

You make up my mind

It’s not my choice I find

If you push I will know

I think it’s time that I go.

Not the choice I would choose

But If I stay we both lose

You wont stay or let me go

Don’t you see how you pull?

At my heart-strings you play

Like you’d stay there all day

beating away at my slow dying heart

Don’t you see how your ripping

All my soul into parts?

So make up your mind

It’s your choice it’s not mine.


Go To Hell.

Eyes wide open, mouth clenched shut

Can you please explain

These horrors that have struck?

My mind won’t believe the things my eyes think they see

But maybe you could try

And explain yourself to me

My ears won’t hear past the shrill ring of bells

So maybe you should save your breathe

For your trip to hell.