Added Burden

You didn’t care

You were never there

You’d watch me walk away

And then you’d say: ‘good day’

Like I was just a given

As if I couldn’t go

You think I have to stay here?

Well know I’ll let you know:

I am not your burden

I am not your anything

You are not good to me

I will be no ones play thing

So take your stupid words

You should know they mean nothing

And tomorrow I’ll take my stuff

Then you’ll see me take my leave

With your effort I could have tried

But you just set me aside

One more added burden

One more attention seeking thing

One more pointless distraction

As if that’s what I mean

To you I know I do

Is it said to say that’s true?

But this is my last bye

This is the last fucking time

I have tried and I’ve tried

But still I’m slipping on by