Twisted Words

Broken mind

Twisting words all the time

Try and decipher

How I wish you can

But I’ll watch you get lost

In this word waste land

I can’t say, can’t explain

What it is I need to say

I’ll write it down

You’ll look and frown

It’s plain and simple

Can’t you see?

It’s spelled out there

In pen and ink.

Some times it feels as if my mind is broken. I can tell you this much: it does not seem to work like anyone else I have encountered. If you ask me to express myself, or explain how I’m feeling at a certain time or about something you probably wouldn’t hear me ramble on about how I feel. You would likely get me scrambling for a piece of paper and a pen. Often times I find myself at a lack of words to say; but even when that happens there will be some form of a poem running through my mind. It’s never that I have nothing to say, it’s that if I started say exactly what came to mind I would sound mad. Because it makes sense to me, but to anyone else… It would seem crazy to just start rambling off these words.

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