I have realized lately that I hace neen posting a lot of poems (and only peoms.) I guess that’s just what kind of mood I’ve been in. It also seems like everything else is so much harder for me to write, it isn’t how I think. My journal is all poetry. It just makes more sense to me, I feel as if it’s more expressive. So that’s what I’m writing.

The bitter end

I never had this feeling when I was with you

This ‘well now what is there left to do’

My life feels pointless, dull to no end

Almost like I lost my only friend

You were no friend to me, I know

But still it pains me to see you go

I know this end is for the best

Yet there is a hole in my chest.

No matter what caused the end, it will always hurt to see someone who you cared for leave. It leaves an emptiness, a hole they used to fill. An end that is for the best is still an end and it will hurt no less.