Fuck You.

Fuck you, this hurt. Fuck you, this pain

Fuck you for making me want you still again

Self dreading misery, hate of myself you see

I still can’t believe you gave that all to me.

Fuck you the lies, Fuck you the cheats

Fuck you, your face I’d be happy to never see

Two years ago, never would I have thought

That you could have made me so far distraught


Fuck you for this and fuck you for that

Fuck all the time we shared, I wish I could forget

I hope they were worth it, all those other girls

And don’t tell me how I was your whole damn world

Don’t say you loved me, then blame it all on me

Don’t try to come back with this burning agony

Fuck you for once, Fuck you for all

Fuck you this last time, before I watch you fall

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