This is me

The pain doesn’t come tonight

The lonely doesn’t dictate my sight

Finally I feel as if I can win this fight

And maybe I will win at life.

Broken down and left to bleed

But held my pride I will not plead

Your help I see I do not need

And now you know, This is me.

Self dependent once again

That’s what happens with out a friend

Left alone I will thrive

I do not need anyone by my side

And I do not need sadness in my life

So step aside and let me go

This is me, now you know.


Thank you to the person inspiring everything I write, and also FUCK YOU. :) But really have a nice day.


I have realized lately that I hace neen posting a lot of poems (and only peoms.) I guess that’s just what kind of mood I’ve been in. It also seems like everything else is so much harder for me to write, it isn’t how I think. My journal is all poetry. It just makes more sense to me, I feel as if it’s more expressive. So that’s what I’m writing.

The bitter end

I never had this feeling when I was with you

This ‘well now what is there left to do’

My life feels pointless, dull to no end

Almost like I lost my only friend

You were no friend to me, I know

But still it pains me to see you go

I know this end is for the best

Yet there is a hole in my chest.

No matter what caused the end, it will always hurt to see someone who you cared for leave. It leaves an emptiness, a hole they used to fill. An end that is for the best is still an end and it will hurt no less.

A page from my diary

A page from my diary

You don’t know me

Read it once and you think you’ll see?

Nothing will explain me

I can’t express my self

If you want to know me

It’s not from my diary

Look into this poetry

Maybe then you’ll see

You can’t know me

Will never understand this

Messed up mind

Time after time, I have tried

Still I escape myself

If I can’t know me

Then why could you, see?


My heart bleeds, my mind starts to see

You weren’t for me, not for me

You were a people please

Make sure they see

Wear that smile, don’t you frown

Or they’ll see you’re just a clown

For their amusement, nothing else

Let them use you, don’t show your self


Fuck You.

Fuck you, this hurt. Fuck you, this pain

Fuck you for making me want you still again

Self dreading misery, hate of myself you see

I still can’t believe you gave that all to me.

Fuck you the lies, Fuck you the cheats

Fuck you, your face I’d be happy to never see

Two years ago, never would I have thought

That you could have made me so far distraught


Fuck you for this and fuck you for that

Fuck all the time we shared, I wish I could forget

I hope they were worth it, all those other girls

And don’t tell me how I was your whole damn world

Don’t say you loved me, then blame it all on me

Don’t try to come back with this burning agony

Fuck you for once, Fuck you for all

Fuck you this last time, before I watch you fall